Six Must Have Features for Business Website


  Having a website for your business, small or big, is an essential part of today’s marketing world. It has the immediate benefit of shifting your services from local to national to international level. It is the first point of interaction with the customers. Getting the website right is an integral part of your business […]

Using Instagram as a marketing tool

Intagram Marketing

Instagram is an important social media marketing tool, the popularity of which has skyrocketed over the last few years. Among all the latest apps and social media marketing opportunities, growth of Instagram cannot be ignored. Many brands have already started using Instagram for visual branding, and no matter how big or small. The popularity of […]

Tips to use WhatsApp Marketing

First came the internet. It was a life changing event for generations to come. Then there was the mobile phone. It changed the way we communicated with people. Now it is the smart phone.  The generation has become smarter and communication wider. Communication has reached new heights with the increased use of smart phone and […]

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Entrepreneurs


The internet has changed the way we promote our business today. Therefore digital marketing is an absolute must in today’s world. With both customers and sellers online, digital marketing is the best way to stay forward. Digital marketing is crucial not only because it is the digital age but it has some genuine benefits too. […]

Places to Get your Business Listed

Logos College

Gone are the days when you would have your business listed in Yellow Pages. Clients and customers now carry on quick searches online. It is quick easy and free. Since internet is the primary means where people look for business today, it is extremely crucial to have your company listed online, local business directories especially […]

Content Marketing Tips

Content Marketing Tips

In a digital age, just selling products and services online isn’t enough. Content marketing is a must for every new entrepreneur. Well don’t be overwhelmed by the word content marketing. As a new entrepreneur the concept of content marketing can be a tad difficult to understand but the golden rule is to read as much […]


My 9 year old son has been in a state of shock for the last two days – why? His favourite, yummiest food is going to be banned soon. He is so much in love with this 2 minute food that he is ready to have potato chips banned, if anything has to be banned […]

The Story of 2 Lives


The death of Aruna Shaunbag in Mumbai’s King Edward Memorial Hospital on 18th May, 2015 has put an end to the chapter of horrific rape and brutal assault on Aruna by a ward boy Sohanlal Bharta Valmiki of the same hospital. It was a ghastly night on 27 November, 1973 when Aruna who was then […]

Kolkata – The Director’s Choice


After Kahaani, Parineeta, Barfi, Yuva and Gunday; Byomkesh Bakshi and Piku  are the latest additions to the list of movies shot in Kolkata. Well the hoopla around is understandable as the first choice is Mumbai followed by Delhi, Kashmir, hills of Shimla, Manali, and Ooty, and the idyllic beauty of Kerala backwaters and ofcourse not […]